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Robert Chaliy embarked on his journey alone, founding the company and overseeing client management. Later, his wife Jelizaveta joined the company, immersing herself in understanding all operational processes.

Today, with Robert boasting over 7 years of experience and Jelizaveta with more than 4 years in SEO, both have spearheaded numerous successful projects. This has led to the decision to scale the company further, enhancing the value delivered to our clients.

In 2024, Aleksandrs joined the company, bringing over 6 years of expertise in PPC and digital marketing to our team.

For us, delivering honest and high-quality service is paramount, as we personally take responsibility for it. Ensuring our clients’ satisfaction is a priority, and we continuously evolve and improve with each project.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every project, we delve into its intricacies to fully understand and satisfy our clients, guaranteeing fruitful outcomes.

Maintaining open communication and fostering strong connections with our clients are integral aspects of our approach. We meticulously adhere to every step and expectation, ensuring a seamless experience throughout.

Our Team

Meet our talented individuals each bringing unique expertise and dedication to propel your online presence to new heights

Robert Chaliy

Robert Chaliy

Senior SEO specialist

Aleksandrs Dubovskis

Aleksandrs Dubovskis

Digital marketing and PPC specialist

Jelizaveta Calija

Jelizaveta Chalaya

SEO specialist

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